Behind the scenes, a great team of FOX partners is working hard to make the project a success. While FOX aims to integrate processing technologies into a box, the greatest success comes from our FOX partners who think outside that box. Some partners are innovative in developing mild processing technologies, sustainable packages, and mobile container units. Others think outside the box when dealing with aspects like business models, consumer engagement, communication, and management. But who are the amazing people behind all these efforts?

Today, we’re launching the #TheFacesofFOX campaign to give you a glimpse of the people behind FOX. What starts as a weekly introduction of the FOX partners on our social media channels, will eventually be extended to any supporter of FOX. And to show you all participants of our movement, a gallery will soon be available on our website. Curious to meet our partners and discover how the FOX project makes them think outside the box? Follow us on Twitter or join our LinkedIn group!