Food Circle 2: Low temperature drying

The aim

 Food Circle 2 aims to

  • Add value to fruit and vegetable products
  • Open new business opportunities for farmers
  • Manage the surplus of crops/produces

Soft fruits, vegetables and mushrooms often cannot be served as ready to eat food. Drying of fruits and vegetables can be a valuable alternative for farmers when the economic situation is not favourable for direct sale of the fresh products.

Fruit and vegetable drying

Plant-based materials can be dried in different ways:

  • Conventional: convection oven
  • Unconventional: dehumidified air, microwave, infrared and vacuum drying

However, non-thermal, pre-treatment methods (PEF, US, and HHP) used before the main drying process can result in different quality outcomes of plant-based material.

 Non-thermal pre-treatment methods

The effect of non-thermal pre-treatment methods PEF, US and HPP on conventional and unconventional drying techniques will be analysed.

The mild drying technology will be downscaled for use in mobile container unit on location. The downscaling makes it easier to perform changeovers while drying different foods.

The region

The mild drying units will be tested in the Central Bohemian Region in the Czech Republic and/or Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship region in Poland.

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