Here the term ‘box’ means ‘mobile container unit’. This includes all necessary equipment to mildly process fruit and vegetables close to the farm. The FOX project aims to find innovative processing solutions that are compact, mobile and flexible, meaning they can be stored in a container moved within a region from farmer to farmer and they can be used for different types of harvested fruit and vegetables. Within the project, 3 types of mobile container units will be developed. Discover the inside of the juice processing mobile container.

In total, 25 partners collaborate to develop the FOX project. These are universities, research institutions, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), industries and associations locating in different European countries. Each partner works on a different part of the project (work packages). Partners from different work packages (WPs) regularly share their work and findings. Click here for an overview of all partners.

The FOX project is still at a research stage and only the concept has been developed. Some of the 3 containers have already been designed and the prototypes are currently being developed. In 2023, all prototypes will be available and demonstrations will take place in the different regions across Europe (Food Circles).

Some food processing containers already exist in Europe. However, the ones that will be developed during the FOX project are different as they used mild and innovative food processing technologies like vacuum spiral filter, Pulsed Electric Field