The aim

The consumer engagement task aims to ensure the Food Circles development happens in a consumer-driven way. Consumers will be engaged in the development of the Food Circles through established communication lines with the local Food Circle providers.

To engage the local consumers in the Food Circles two angles need to be examined:

  • What are the current consumer values, attitudes and food purchasing behaviour?
  • What is the local consumers’ motivation and ability to engage in the development of a regional food circle?

Food purchasing behaviour

The values and attitudes related to the food choice of fruits and vegetables consumers are:

  • Concern for sustainability
  • Desire for authenticity
  • Trust in the food chain
  • Health consciousness
  • Food-related lifestyle

An online survey will map the consumers’ values, attitudes and examine the changes in purchasing behaviour over time. The results will give insights into the potential of local engagement of consumers into food production activities using modern localised technologies and will be disseminated to the partner regions.


The FOXLINK app will serve as a communication platform between consumers and between consumers and suppliers. The app will come with individualised profiles and will give information on production technologies, impact on health, environment and rural life related to the Food Circle.

The app will be available for smartphones and tablets and linked to other communication channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The final app will be in all languages of the six Food Circle regions (Czech, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Spanish).

Project partners

The project partners involved in consumer engagement are AU, AINIA, WULS-SGGW, EUFIC, CTCPA, KOB, FOODTECH, and AGRO CR.