The environmental, socio-economic and health impact of theĀ four FOX model regions will be examined.

The aim

The task aims at assessing three different impacts of the four FOX model region approaches:

  • Environmental impact

A life cycle analysis (LCA) will be conducted and adapted throughout the project. The impact will be accessed according to the International Reference Life Cycle Data, a method that is described in the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) guide, which serves as a harmonised European environmental impact method.

  • Socio-economic impact

Data on local employment opportunities and life cycle costs will be generated and comparing the more traditional large-scale processing technologies.

  • Health impact

The nutritional value of FOX processed foods will be determined by evaluating the Nutriscore and comparing the product composition to similar foods, produced with other technologies.

Project partners

The project partners involved in researching the sustainability and health impact of the FOX approach are KU LEUVEN, DIL, WR, AU, WULS-SGGW, and NUTRIS.