To maximise the longevity of the Food Circles for farmers, appropriate business models need to be applied and developed.

The aim

Foresight and business model development within the FOX project aims at

  • Identifying and analysing trends influencing the food innovation system in the future
  • Developing scenarios for the framework conditions of the food innovation system
  • Drafting specific future scenarios for each food circle
  • Identifying business model elements for down-scaled food processing technologies, contextualized for different types of technology and socio-economic context
  • Validating the business models in the context of different future assumptions

Future Scenarios for the food sector and the food Circles

The identified trends are indicators of change. They will be used to develop future framework scenarios, describing different possible futures for the food sector in 2035. These scenarios will serve to align other work packages towards future requirements in the food sector.

For each of the four FOX food circles, specific regional scenarios will be elaborated in workshops with internal and external experts and relevant stakeholders. Around 20 experts per food circle region, 5-10 internal experts and 10-15 experts from the respective regions, will come together. The workshops will be held around local food events and conferences to maximise the involvement of the local experts.

Business Models

The added value generated by down-scaled food processing technologies is beneficial for farmers. To maximise the longevity of the Food Circle for farmers, appropriate business models need to be applied or developed.

A strong business model addresses not only the creation and distribution of the added value but also the risk distribution and governance related to various property rights.

Project Partners

Fraunhofer ISI and KU Leuven

All other project partners are involved in this work package and will participate in the workshops.