Our purpose

When thinking of food production, the image of big factories, often located outside the city, come to mind. But imagine that a mobile container much closer to your home can do the same thing? FOX – Food processing in a Box – is a project that aims to develop exactly that; transforming large-scale technologies for the processing of fruits and vegetables, to small, flexible and mobile container units in your neighbourhood!

Our values

  • Health and sustainability. The innovative processing solutions are flexible, resource-efficient, and based on seasonality and demand. It considers the expectations of farmers and small food businesses, looks at the technical and economic feasibility, and takes into account the needs of the food chain and consumers.

  • Transparency and trust in the food chain. Consumers will be actively involved in the development of new products and new business options for sustainable consumption.

Our technology

FOX focusses on mild processing technologies, such as low temperature drying and mild preservation techniques, to achieve the optimal physical and nutritional quality of the fruit and vegetable products. Minimising the use of resources and packaging material are key.

Your region

FOX stimulates short food supply chains; transitioning from a more centralised industry, to local production hubs. So-called food-circles are the European regions in which the FOX technologies will be demonstrated to be integrated into the entire food production chain. In these regions, which have significant fruit and vegetable productions (conventional and organic), the impact of the FOX approach on the environment, business, people and their health will be assessed. That, together with the input from engaged consumers, will serve as vital input for the further development and upscaling of FOX.