Food Circle 3: Quality analysis and sustainable packaging

The aim

Food Circle 3 aims to

  • Design a mobile unit to select, process and package fresh-cut fruit and vegetable products
  • Develop sustainable packaging to enlarge the shelf life of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable products
  • Provide fresh-cut fruit and vegetable snacks produced by local producers
  • Encourage the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables

Fresh-cut fruit and vegetable products

Fresh-cut products need a specific packaging adapted to their breathing activity to enlarge the shelf life. To avoid the packaging to be an environmental problem, it must be designed considering the ecodesign principles.

New sustainable packaging systems

Packaging must fulfil two requirements:

  • Enlarge the product shelf life
  • Be sustainable

The full packaging will be developed :

  • Primary packaging (in direct contact with the product)
    • Sustainable flexible packaging: compostable bags for packaging fresh-cut fruit and vegetables prepared pieces for a smoothie
    • Sustainable rigid packaging: thermoformed trays from recycled materials for packaging fresh-cut fruit and vegetable snacks Ready To Eat
  • Secondary packaging
    • To distribute refrigerated products, the most important property is thermal isolation. To achieve this a compostable material will be developed

The selection, processing and packaging of the fresh-cut fruit and vegetables will be in small scale mobile container units.

The region

The packaging units will be tested in Valencia, Spain and Alpes Côte d’Azur, France.

Project partners

The project partners involved in Food Circle 3 are AINIA, CTCPA, KOB, LINPAC and TERRA I XUFA