The European project ZeroW (Systemic Innovations Towards a Zero Food Waste Supply Chain) started in January 2022 with the aim to reduce food waste through the application of systemic innovations in living labs.

The project will create in total 9 living labs in Europe and develop assessment activities to ensure the environmental and economic sustainability of solutions in the long-term, as well as support the transition to a zero food waste system.

DIL is partner of the 4th living lab ‘’Food valorisation as a service” lead by the Flemish Research Institute for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (ILVO). The objective of this living lab is to investigate the potential of a mobile unit to optimize the valorisation of fresh, edible biomass available in regions with intensive agro-food production and processing activities. The living lab will also investigate and assess the economic viability of a business model that offers the application of a mobile processing unit as a service to agro-food producers.

DIL has brought together FOX and ZeroW in a new partnership:

DIL contributes to ZeroW with its mobile food processing unit, that has been designed and developed within the EU project FOX. Together with ILVO as coordinator, DIL  and the other partners in this living lab will work on more applications and technical improvements of the FOX mobile unit in the ZeroW project

Find out more information about the ZeroW Project by reading the CORDIS record of ZeroW.