The food circles are the link of a specific FOX processing technology with a regional (short) food supply chain.  Different geographical regions were chosen with important fruit and vegetable production in Europe, to demonstrate the technical, economic and social viability of the FOX approach. The largest fruit-cultivating areas in Europe are in Spain, Italy and Poland, with France also dominating strongly in vegetable cultivation. In the fruit and vegetable processing sector, Germany and the Netherlands are also leading in addition to the above mentioned countries.

The food circle chosen are in six model regions in Europe and these regions are closely linked to the research project partner developing the respective processing technology (or: FOX technology). Essential was to build on a good existing network with regional stakeholders for demonstration activities. Hence the model regions have a geographical proximity to the respective FOX research partner.

Furthermore, to increase the impact of FOX and also to demonstrate the results on a broader scope the project is building up associated partner regions with similar geographical, growing and/or structural parameters as the model regions. If you are interested to become an associated partner region, please join the FOX Interest Group here.