Centre Technique de la Conservation des Produits Agricoles (CTCPA)

The French Technical Centre for the Food Industry (CTCPA) works to anticipate and participate in the technological evolutions interesting the food sector by leading collaborative programs of research, chosen by professionals and sustained by the French administration. Another priority mission is to participate in innovation with a specific focus on the transfer to the industries, including small and medium-sized companies as well as larger groups. Working as a link between the scientific research and the food industries, the CTCPA also has a role in diffusing the knowledge gained from programs and scientific partnerships via seminars, publications and/or training. Its mission focusses on three main topics: food safety, technical innovation and management of quality. CTCPA offers a wide range of services to its clients such as analysis, technological services, consultancy and advice on quality, HACCP and food hygiene, training courses, technical and legal compliance surveys.

Role in FOX:

  • Supporting the development of packaging technologies, in particular breathing characterization of products and mixture of products, design of permeability-controlled packaging and relationships between product characteristics, gas exchange packaging properties and shelf life.
  • Supporting the overall dissemination and communication activities